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Everybody Jam! Everybody Jam!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I simply love these animations. They all are very different from other main-stream animations, and I love the colorful 2D-environment you make.
Both I'm a Scarman and this one have some unordinary things included (which doesn't fit to the actual animation), which I like. For example, in "I'm a scatman", right in all the animation, a line saying: "Girls Are Crazy" (and I agree) is popping up for a splitsecond - and in this one, a picture of a guy (probably you) is popping up. Very interesting!

Keep them coming! You're great!

- Vreal Studios.

This is UNMEI This is UNMEI

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What an amazingly....

SMOOTH and fast-paced animation this is!

I watched "Don't Trip" before watching this, and I just had to watch this sequel! It's so amazing how you can make these animations so smooth. You have great skills!
The soundtrack chosen is perfect.

Now, I read your response to "splashdynamite", where you say:

"I like to think of the people in his body as viruses who've finally found a home. But either theory is valid--I like hearing what other people get from this."

Ha ha! I've thought the complete opposite all along. I thought the people in the body that fought the pill were "T-cells" killing all viruses entering the body. And since the "trip pill" was a dangerous "underground" pill, as signalized in the first trip with the evil doctor, the T-cells would fight this pill and protect the civilisation in the body.

Well, still a wonderful piece of animation with a good plot - and you've animated it smoothly and perfectly! Both thumps up, miss. Skaijo. ;-)


Skaijo responds:

Much love for the indepth response! I'm really glad you enjoyed it; hearing words like this after I put the effort into this flash really made the project worthwhile.

My words aren't written in stone by any means! xD The T-cell synopsis is pretty interesting too--and who can't live in a world without a evil doctors. :3

This "underground pill" sounds pretty shady. But either way, with any theory we may come up with, tRip is still public enemy number one.

Biology vs. Chemistry Biology vs. Chemistry

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well done

Haha, that was well done in deed. I'm studying both subjects (Chemistry & Biology), so it was hilarious to see a battle between those two "nature powers". (HIV-virus.. Haha!)

The animation seemed pretty smooth and has its own style, which is perfect. You could work a little more on the movements and face emotions though, but it'll automatically improve as you're practicing.
The song wasn't what I would have chosen, but that is dependent on taste of course.

The voiceacting wasn't "studio like", but it was well performed.

So overall - it was entertaining! Keep it up...

- Vreal Studios.

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Blakant responds:

Yeah, I agreed wif u... I'll try to improve as much & as fast as possible in Flash.
The voice acting good in fact, it's great to me... But I'll accept ur opinion, maybe becuz some of it r in low quality file size...
Well, Im happy to heard u entertained, TY!

"The Cottage" - (Credits) "The Cottage" - (Credits)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


First flash animation - but not the first time you've made computer-drawings. You've been creating art for a long time in Adobe Photoshop for quite a while, I can see that. And Adobe Flash CS3 fits perfectly for you, since Flash basically is much more userfriendly to the Photoshop users.

However, animating is just not a thing you learn in a few days. This looks like you've been animating for years (you might've practiced). You have skills, and just keep developing those skills!
It seems like you've been used to the music-mixer. Well done too.

Some constructive critism is always good: Try to raise your framerate a bit. It seems like it's running at default framerate (12fps). The "professional" (e.g. Disney) animations all run at 24fps. I know it's tougher to animate at such a high framerate, and it's not recommended if you're new at animating. Japanese animation on the other hand uses a low framerate. Try to raise it to 17-20fps, it'll run much smoother and you'll be getting used to that.

Well done againt, I'm excited to see how this story turns out!

Best of luck,

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Compilation Jun'07-Apr'08 Compilation Jun'07-Apr'08

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well done!

You're very skilled at animating emotions and faces, I have to give you that! It was a great flashback on the things you've made and how skilled you've become.

Especially the dog saying: "I love you". Aww, it was so sweet. Was that for a collab too?

best regards,
VReal Studios.

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TheBoogley responds:

Yeah the dog was in the face collab... thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you liked it.

Syndacite Chapter 2 Syndacite Chapter 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well done!

I was excited when I got an e-mail from Newgrounds (besides the daily top-5) saying that there was a new submission from one of my favourite authors - and that happened to be you.
I admire your work, nightbird. I can't remember if I wrote a review to the first Syndacite chapter, but that one was visually a stunning piece of art too - just like this one.

I recognized you changed a bit of style in this 2nd chapter. As I don't mind it not being 100% frame-by-frame, as long as there is a change of the point of views and backgrounds. You did that - you could work on the backgrounds a little though.

You did use f-b-f in some of the scenes, which was great. This was a long piece of work, so I understand if you had to cut down on some of the high-quality details. It was alright - you have some huge skills, and I'm sure the next episode will be even better visually than this one. (The ship was well made by the way!)

One thing I was noticing was how great you are to draw different "sides" of the head and body. In one of the scenes on the Syndacite ship, where the girl is lying down, you have a POV looking up from beneath her head - that was great drawn.
There is one particular side though that I don't like, and that is when you draw the girl from the side. She just has too big a nose in my opinion. You could work on that POV to match the anatomy.

The voices could be tweaked a bit. In many of the lines, you can hear the "click" from the mouse - use Audacity for instance to delete the clicks. Otherwise, overall it was good performed - there were however some of the lines that could use some improvement. As you practice voiceacting you'll automatically improve, so keep practicing!

Other than that, keep it up and thanks for this animation!

-Vreal Studios.

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Session Session

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is awesome!

Kuoke, I don't really know to say.
This wasn't the main-stream animation you usually see, there was no story, but DAMN it rocked! You managed to follow the beats all the way through, and I just sat here and was stunned by the different visual themes inside your animation... art.. Yes.. Art! Not a story... No hidden messages, just plain art!

I fell in love with the music used, and you write "Linking Park" has made this fine tune, but what track is it?

Well done again, and make more!

Best regards

(I made a mistake, and posted this review on another flash. So if you see this review on another flash that is the reason. It's a shame you can't delete reviews.. Well.. :) )

Kuoke responds:

"Session - Linkin Park", 12th track on their album titled "Meteora".

Shadow Legacy Shadow Legacy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is awesome!

Jason, I don't really know to say.
This wasn't the main-stream animation you usually see, there was no story, but DAMN it rocked! You managed to follow the beats all the way through, and I just sat here and was stunned by the different visual themes inside your animation... art.. Yes.. Art! Not a story... No hidden messages, just plain art!

I fell in love with the music used, and you write "(Artist-Lost)" has made this fine tune, but I don't see he has posted it here on newgrounds. Is it possible for me to get it, if I ask nicely? Send me a PM if the answer is yes. ;)

Well done again, and make more!

Best regards

Artist-Lost responds:

Yes, i will have to email it to you. Unfortunately my older musical work wasn't good enough so new grounds made it so I cant post my music anymore >.<

Bambee Bambee

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy shit!

That was probably the funniest animation I've ever seen - and with great graphics. Holy Christ! You made my night! Ha ha ha!

5/5 no less!

.&amp;lt;3 .<3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great flash - Long distance relationships do work.

Obstacles = In love.
You urge for the one you love/have a crush on, but you are not able to touch him/her, and that develops the feelings inside of you.

Ultimately, when you then meet the person after a long wait, those feelings have grown huge, and the love for each other is enormous. That feeling of being in love - but CAN*T do anything about it, because something is in the way (that could be the distance, or something else like the person you love loves somebody else) is a huge, huge feeling - so huge that somebody can't stand that feeling, gets an aching heart - heck, somebody even commits suicide. The latter relates more to persons who brake up though.

Love and the feelings involved are so exciting, because that's one of the hugest feelings, a human being can hold (besides anger and sadness of course.)

Okay, I think I got a little carried away.. Let's say that was an advance of the Valentines Day tomorrow ;). I might use this option now, and wish everybody a pleasant valentines day! I hope you find the courage to confess on this day to the one you might be in love with - even if its long distance or oh so close as it can come - release your feelings tomorrow.

Well, good flash skarl3tte!
The animation is somehow smooth, but if you just had added pretty eyes to the characters they would've been easier to relate to - remember: The eyes are the mirror of the soul! ;)

Keep up the brilliant work! <3 <3

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