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What an amazingly....

SMOOTH and fast-paced animation this is!

I watched "Don't Trip" before watching this, and I just had to watch this sequel! It's so amazing how you can make these animations so smooth. You have great skills!
The soundtrack chosen is perfect.

Now, I read your response to "splashdynamite", where you say:

"I like to think of the people in his body as viruses who've finally found a home. But either theory is valid--I like hearing what other people get from this."

Ha ha! I've thought the complete opposite all along. I thought the people in the body that fought the pill were "T-cells" killing all viruses entering the body. And since the "trip pill" was a dangerous "underground" pill, as signalized in the first trip with the evil doctor, the T-cells would fight this pill and protect the civilisation in the body.

Well, still a wonderful piece of animation with a good plot - and you've animated it smoothly and perfectly! Both thumps up, miss. Skaijo. ;-)


Skaijo responds:

Much love for the indepth response! I'm really glad you enjoyed it; hearing words like this after I put the effort into this flash really made the project worthwhile.

My words aren't written in stone by any means! xD The T-cell synopsis is pretty interesting too--and who can't live in a world without a evil doctors. :3

This "underground pill" sounds pretty shady. But either way, with any theory we may come up with, tRip is still public enemy number one.


First flash animation - but not the first time you've made computer-drawings. You've been creating art for a long time in Adobe Photoshop for quite a while, I can see that. And Adobe Flash CS3 fits perfectly for you, since Flash basically is much more userfriendly to the Photoshop users.

However, animating is just not a thing you learn in a few days. This looks like you've been animating for years (you might've practiced). You have skills, and just keep developing those skills!
It seems like you've been used to the music-mixer. Well done too.

Some constructive critism is always good: Try to raise your framerate a bit. It seems like it's running at default framerate (12fps). The "professional" (e.g. Disney) animations all run at 24fps. I know it's tougher to animate at such a high framerate, and it's not recommended if you're new at animating. Japanese animation on the other hand uses a low framerate. Try to raise it to 17-20fps, it'll run much smoother and you'll be getting used to that.

Well done againt, I'm excited to see how this story turns out!

Best of luck,

Well done!

You're very skilled at animating emotions and faces, I have to give you that! It was a great flashback on the things you've made and how skilled you've become.

Especially the dog saying: "I love you". Aww, it was so sweet. Was that for a collab too?

best regards,
VReal Studios.

TheBoogley responds:

Yeah the dog was in the face collab... thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you liked it.

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GREAT....... teacher onizuka


I havn't so much to say about the graphics, as it's just traces of bitmaps, but I have to say: GREAT VOICEACTORS!

Where the hell did you find them? They sound exactly like the English dub in Great Teacher Onizuka. Anyways, it was a great efford.
Normally I don't play video games, but this one caught my attention. ;) ..

MessYouUpMac responds:

Rina-chan is very good at voice acting, isn't she? =)

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Haha! Awesome!

Hi! I saw your post on VAC, you posted it January 1st.

I didn't want to revive the thread, I just wanted to say that this is damn awesome! Ha ha!
You have a very pleasant tune in your voice by the way.

Keep it up!

Good regards

I like the animestyle. I'm a new flash-artist, and I'm practicing animating. I love to review animations, and I'll do my best to give good (and constructive if needed) feedback! (Oh, and I hate madness animations btw.)

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